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Social Policy Dissertation Topics

100 Social Policy Dissertation Topics help

Social policy students who aspire to become high-paid professionals must write a dissertation paper to earn their degree course certificate. But choosing a suitable topic to write an authentic Social Policy thesis becomes often an exasperating task for the students. For this reason, we at the British Dissertation Help website offer  dissertation topics ideas & help from experienced academic writers. They are devoted to assisting students in writing outstanding papers to secure wished grades in their Social Policy courses. The study of Social policy comprises these five principle areas:

  • Unemployment
  • Poverty
  • Healthcare
  • Housing
  • Education

Before we see some of the Social Policy Dissertation Topics Help, here are some keywords you can consider for developing your own set of topics. Formulate your Social Policy Dissertation Topics ideas using these essential keywords:

  • Discrimination
  • Adoption by gay couples
  • Organ donation
  • Gay marriage
  • Legalisation of marijuana
  • Marital rape
  • Universal basic income
  • Data Protection Laws
  • Gun Control
  • Immigration
  • Abortion
  • Childhood poverty
  • Early motherhood
  • Free education
  • Euthanasia
  • Polygamy
  • Health insurance
  • Obligatory army
  • Pornography
  • Freedom of expression
  • Child abuse
  • Rehabilitation of Criminals
  • Prostitution
  • Legal age of drinking alcohol
  • Positive Discrimination

100 Social Policy Dissertation Topics ideas

Social policy is a unique discipline that gets characterised by differences in opinions. Thus, Social policy can spark a debate among passionate students and professionals. For this reason, a Social Policy Dissertation thesis has to be either an argumentative paper or a persuasive one. Here are 100 Social Policy Topics for you to take advantage of while aspiring to compose your own thesis.

Social Policy General Topics

  • 1. The limitation of Gun control laws and how they lead to unfortunate accidents in US schools
  • 2. Euthanasia from an ethical point of view: A sin or relief for sick patients
  • 3. What should be the legal age of drinking alcohol worldwide? 
  • 4. Loan debt on students and parents and how the right to free education can be a solution
  • 5. A case study of the Khan Academy on Free Education
  • 6. The nature and scope of polygamy in the western society
  • 7. How the legalisation of prostitution boosts the economy
  • 8. Lethal injection: A painless method of death or an immeasurable cruelty
  • 9. Differing opinions on Abortion: A comparative study on religious and medical views
  • 10. How adoption by gay couples can influence the normal development of a Child
  • 11. The case of organ donation on moral grounds
  • 12. A discussion on the legalisation of prostitution and its effects on the population of a country
  • 13. The taboo of Gay marriage in society and legalisation in some western states
  • 14. Pornography: Obscenity or a form of art
  • 15. Freedom of expression and the aggressive response in the media
  • 16. The fundamental human right to medical treatment and how health insurance is making it expensive
  • 17. Obligatory army service: The history and reasons behind this practice
  • 18. Detection strategies of child abuse and taking strict actions for the welfare of the society
  • 19. Are rehabilitation programs for criminals effective?
  • 20. The case study of positive discrimination on moral grounds 
  • 21. A closer look into how positive discrimination helps minorities to avail themselves economic help
  • 22. The controversial punishment mode of marital rape: Why only punishment for the violence is not enough
  • 23. Medical benefits and disadvantages of organ donation
  • 24. Legalisation of marijuana: Why it is a desirable topic in the modern western society
  • 25. How rehab programs help integrate criminals into the society
  • 26. Universal basic income: What are the limitations and how to overcome them
  • 27. How Digital Data protection laws are transforming the data collection by giant tech firms
  • 28. Adoption of Generic medicine in the US and how it can become an alternative to the expensive medical system
  • 29. Legalisation of Prostitution: Does it improve the status of sex workers in the society
  • 30. Child pornography: Why it is still legal in some African countries
  • 31. How discrimination is shaping the modern American society

Social Policy Topics for Thesis

  • 32. Reform of welfare payments by coalition proposals: A case study into Coupons for care
  • 33. The impact of Social Exclusion Unit on the social housing residents of Doncaster
  • 34. Best intervention practices in child abuse scenarios and possible solutions 
  • 35. How solidarity is revolutionising community-based social policy networks
  • 36. The threats of ostracising middle-class taxpayers through selectivity
  • 37. The influence of institutionalism in welfare dependency and homelessness
  • 38. A case study of Bismarck and Lloyd George on the grounds of social policy arms
  • 39. How faith-based welfare organisations manipulate the vulnerable in the name of the “Big Society.”
  • 40. A comprehensive evaluation of the UK’s national policy for the care and the status of patients with Dementia
  • 41. An examination of policy assets and shortcomings of including traveller children in education to age eighteen
  • 42. An introduction into Welfare theory and its application in the social policies

Social Policy Dissertation Topics ideas for Research

  • 43. A case study into childhood poverty and its psychological effects on a child
  • 44. How community development enables social inclusion
  • 45. Social attitudes towards Gun permissions in the US States
  • 46. Reasons behind the success of health insurance programs
  • 47. How social patterns get affected by changes in obligatory military services
  • 48. A thorough evaluation of US healthcare policy regarding the modern trend
  • 49. Gun laws of US: A case study of the essay by Stephen King, “Guns”
  • 50. Role of government in providing employment for single mothers
  • 51. Homeless mobility and the influence of neighbour
  • 52. the negative effects of increased taxes on the Middle-class
  • 53. A case study of Third World countries and how the gender quotas influence the elections in these countries
  • 54. Why youth imprisonment is ineffective and how to end it
  • 55. Responsibility of the government in limiting the misuse of free speech
  • 56. The role of government protection: A case study of ancient Greece and “The Age of Austerity.”
  • 57. 9/11 attacks and how they initiated a change in social policies towards Muslims worldwide
  • 58. The problem of socioeconomic discrimination in the judicial system: How your socioeconomic status determines the way you get treated in the court
  • 59. The factors behind positive discrimination in educational institutions in the US
  • 60. An assessment of the US social policy towards the Ethnic Minorities

Case Study Social Policy Topics ideas

  • 61. A case study on the European refugee crisis: Why limitation on the immigration levels is needed to be imposed
  • 62. Domestic abuse policy in Scotland since 1998: A case study
  • 63. Uruguay’s marijuana policy change: A case study on policy coherence
  • 64. A study into the circular economy of Kenya
  • 65. An investigation into health inequalities and health disparities in the US
  • 66. A case study into the inequalities on health in the Japanese Soma Region of Fukushima
  • 67. A Theoretical representation of coalition and solidarity in the politics of intersectional practice
  • 68. The Role of the Government in young people’s transitioning to economic independence: A case study of US and UK
  • 69. Governance in obesity policy: A case study of the political partnership between UK and Scotland
  • 70. A case study of private health insurance in China and its impacts on access to healthcare

Academic topics for Social Policy Dissertation ideas

  • 71. The relation between Social Policy and Democratic Governability
  • 72. Columbia’s Social Security and Health Services: An in-depth study
  • 73. Educational Policy and how it relates to Social Policy 
  • 74. Defining Access, Equity and Quality in Education
  • 75. A comparative study of civil reform and liberalism
  • 76. Public safety and its benefits
  • 77. A study into Criminal Law and Common Morality
  • 78. The shortcomings of Privacy laws and the commercial exploitation in the digital era
  • 79. On Religion as a source of Social power: A review
Miscellaneous Social Policy Dissertation Topics Help
  • 80. Early childhood and the influence of Cultural Capital
  • 81. The drawbacks of cash transfer programs
  • 82. A retrospective analysis on the post-war social movements in the US
  • 83. An inspection into the Media Bias and News coverage
  • 84. How volunteering strengthens social movements and protests
  • 85. Modern American Whistleblowers: A case study on Edward Snowden
  • 86. Detailed discussion on alternative Dispute Resolution Methods
  • 87. A study into the Aristotelian Philosophy of Governance
  • 88. Pardoning Criminals from a moral and ethical viewpoint
  • 89. Judicial Interpretation of Public Statutes
  • 90. An investigation into Human Rights Act 1998
  • 91. Threats of Societal agitation and the influence of Neopatrimonialism
  • 92. The approach of mutual tolerance between communities and how it upholds modern societal virtue
  • 93. A comprehensive investigation into the Global Poverty Causes
  • 94. The dangers of unethical advertising
  • 95. A historical study of African Americans and the social factors contributing to crime
  • 96. Gender equality theory and its flaws
  • 97. A retrospective analysis of the Black Lives Matter Protests
  • 98. The concept of Great Society and how it relates to the Social Theory
  • 99. The benefits and risks of Social Welfare Policy
  • 100. How a defined social policy improves the attitude towards social work

Tips on choosing Topic for Social Policy Dissertation 

  • Stick to your interest: To have the motivation to sit down to work, you need a topic that excites you. If you choose a topic that does not interest you, you will feel bored. This event will lead to losing your momentum.
  • Authenticity and originality always matter: To leave your audience with thought-provoking questions, You must resort to authentic topics and writing original topics will enable you to secure better grades too.
  • Look at the Current affairs for finding issues: If you are searching for controversial Social Policy topics for your dissertation, start scouring the internet for Current Affairs and then craft your topic using our help at the British Dissertation Help to get maximum results.

Concluding Thoughts

This paragraph indicates the end of the complete list of 100 top Social Policy Dissertation Topics to start writing an exceptional dissertation thesis. If you require help for the entire piece of writing your Media dissertation, request assistance from us at the British Dissertation Help website and get a rapid response.