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Dissertation Topics

Theatre Studies Dissertation Topics

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Politics Dissertation Topics

100 Recommended Politics Dissertation Topics for a stellar Dissertation

Political Science students seeking higher studies must write a dissertation paper to earn their degree course certification. However, choosing an appropriate topic to write an authentic thesis becomes often a challenge for the students. For this reason, we at the British Dissertation Help website offer Politics Dissertation topics help from experienced academic writers. They are devoted to helping students write stellar papers to secure desired grades in their Political Science courses. Before we see some of the politics dissertation topics, here are some keywords you can consider for developing your own set of topics:

  • Democracy
  • Republic
  • Neopatrimonialism
  • Neonazism
  • America’s War of Independence
  • Global Security
  • Security council – United Nations
  • Constitutional rights
  • Civil Liberties
  • Criminal Laws
  • Corruption
  • Unitary Government Model
  • Soviet Russia
  • Secularism

100 Best Politics Dissertation Topics for 2022

General Topics for Politics Dissertation

1. Understanding the political ideology of Soviet Union: A historical retrospection

2. Syrian Conflict and its nature and impact on global politics

3. Discussion on the ethics of elections in countries with a democratic political system

4. A case study of the Arctic circle and the politics of power battles

5. Unveiling the driving factors behind the American revolution

6. What are the differences between Civil Republicanism and Liberalism

7. The Dangers and Prospects of Neopatromonialism

8. A case study of The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith: How capitalism changed the world politics forever

9. A closer look into the Republican Traditions of Education

10. Laying out extensive guidelines for the ethical functioning of NGOs

11. A case study of Edward Snowden: What motivates the modern American Whistle blowers

12. How biased media is causing a trail of fake political news across the country

13. How tech giants can meddle with the election process: A case study of the Cambridge Analytica Scandal and understanding Facebook’s role

14. The causes and motivating factors of rebellion in the Central African Republic

15. Understanding the Iraq War and the nature of War crimes

16. A historical analysis of the prison conflict between Black American and White Americans

17. The terror incident of 9/11 and how it shaped the Afghanistan-Pakistan relationship

18. Reviewing Judicial system of the United States: An argumentative analysis 

19. Global Influence of the 9/11 attacks on the US

20. Foreign political powers: A study of competency and ideology gap

21. How political organisations weaponise poverty for their own interest: A case study of Indian National Congress and Gandhi

22. Establishing the links between Religion, Terrorism and Politics

23. US foreign policy and its effects worldwide

24. Understanding India’s version of secularism: Should religion and politics be separate?

25. Assessing the importance of Public Safety: Nature, Scope and Benefits for nations optimum development

26. Human rights act of 1998 in the UK: A comprehensive discussion

27. Pardoning of Criminals: An effective way of reintegration or a dangerous decision for the benign citizens

28. American and European Union and how they treat Federal Crimes: A comparative Study

29. How anarchism shaped the course of history: A retrospective Analysis

30. Foucault and understanding the Disciplinary power of Law

Politics Dissertation Topics for Thesis

31. A comparative analysis of Presidential democracy and Parliamentary Democracy

32. Non-state actors and their roles in Japanese Corporation: A case study

33. Understanding the Thought Process of the Famous Legislators in Europe’s legal history

34. What are the similarities and dissimilarities between a political conflict and an armed conflict

35. How the political powers influenced the division of Ukraine

36. A case study of the annexation of Crimea by Russia

37. Yemen crisis: Finding some decisive methods of conflict resolution

38. An investigation into the similarities and differences between India’s foreign policies and US’s foreign policy

39. What is the necessity of implementing urgent changes in the legislation process 

40. Why is religion considered as a source of immense social power: A study on religious minorities of Pakistan

41. Unitary Government Model: How it works and influences the Roots of Federalism

42. German philosophy and how the theses of Karl Schmidt and Karl Marx influenced it

43. A retrospective study on the reasons for Rwandan Genocide

44. Understanding the effects of Totalitarianism in the light of the political situation of North Korea

45. A literary review on the outlook of Jean Bodin on sovereignty

46. How extremism affects world-politics: A case study of the Islamic Nations

47. Accountability of political leaders to the public and the role of the media

48. A closer look into the structure and inner working of the International Monetary Fund

49. Immigrant crisis in Mexico and the Role of US

50. A case study of Chinese Communist Party (CCP): Understanding the political hierarchy

Politics Dissertation Topics for Research

51. A review of the history of Apartheid in South Africa

52. How the Human rights movement in Uganda transformed the political scenario of the country

53. A study of the social movements in Europe post-WWII

54. Understanding political controversies through a comprehensive case study of Amnesty International

55. Understanding the outlook of John Rohr of the Constitution: An investigation into Rohr’s vision

56. A literary review on the notes of John Austin’s Theory

57. Edmund Burke’s political Theories: An investigation into the classic theories

58. A case study of Plato’s republic: Understanding Ancient Greece’s political systems

59. How ancient Sparta is different from Athens: A comparative study on political practices

60. How the United States Government exhibits Anglo-Saxon traits in their Governance style

61. Understanding the approach of Vladimir Lenin towards communism

62. A argumentative analysis of Aristotle’s Theory of governance

63. How the existence of social networks can create a successful political movement

64. Role and Responsibilities of the Modern Media in propagating political hate speech

65. Economic preferences in police interrogation: Identifying the psychopolitical elements

66. Why political censorship is a prevalent phenomenon in the US 

67. How social reforms and conservatism relate to each other

68. A comparative study on various political structures: Federal Structure vs Central Structure

69. Neo-fascism and how it influenced the European politics

70. Acceptance of LGBTQ and how it favours the political parties in the US

71. How commercial exploitation of the privacy laws affecting the US citizens

72. Discussion of the most efficacious methods to eradicate corruption from the government

73. Impact of social media on democracy: A comparative discussion on the electoral process of India and America

74. Arab-Israeli conflict and the political interests of the western world

75. A comprehensive review of the advantages and disadvantages of democracy in the 21st Century

Miscellaneous Political Science Dissertation Topics

76. Role and responsibilities of Five Eyes in Global security network Assessment

77. Political Decisions and how it negatively influences environmental management: A case study of Canada

78. Understanding the ethical and moral duties of non-profit organisations

79. How common morality shapes the Criminal law of a country: A case study of India

80. What challenges do the national security face due to Civil liberties

81. Studying the interdependence of the global leaders in the modern times

82. Organ trafficking of political prisoners in China: A case study

83. Understanding the psychological reasons behind Gender bias in custodial battles

84. How the internet and online spaces are shaping the modern global political atmosphere

85. Understanding the influence of coronavirus on the global geo-political atmosphere

86. Migrant refugee crisis in Poland: An investigation into Poland’s policies

87. Discussion on the transition of geopolitical perspective from Trump era to Biden era

88. Investment of China in Pakistan: What it means for the future of South Asia

89. How Naxalism changed the course of political movements in Bengal, India

90. Modern-day dictatorship: A case study of North Korea and the rise of Kim Jong Un

91. Understanding the complex political structure of India’s democracy

92. Australian political framework and how it treats the rights of Aboriginals

93. A Discussion on the Foreign Policy of Belgium in 21st Century

94. How personal ambitions of the political leaders determine the fate of the nation

95. A study into the effective political Negotiation strategies in times of war crisis

96. China: Understanding the impact of communism on Human rights

97. Strategies to settle a legal dispute between transitional Governments

98. Understanding the reasons behind the Afghanistan crisis: The annexation of Kabul by Taliban and the rise of a new surge of Terrorism

99. Understanding the factors behind the Iran oil conflict

100. Understanding the Ideological differences between the Right-wing parties and Left-wing parties

Final Thoughts

Here we end the comprehensive list of 100 top Politics Dissertation Topics to start composing an excellent dissertation thesis. If you require help for the entire part of writing your Political Science dissertation, ask help from us at the British Dissertation Help website and get an instant response.