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How to pursue higher studies in the UK: Tips from Steven Keane

Meet the multi-faceted talent and a man who needs no introduction, Steven Keane has surely come a long way. A keen bystander. An instrument player and musician. A marketer. A startup initiator. These are the various roles played by him. While pursuing an MSc course in Marketing from Manchester Business School, UK, he picked up many valuable life skills which paved the way for success. In an exclusive interview with Edugraph, Keane, creates music and forefronts the finest motorcycle parts manufacturing startup, revealing how students can gear up for higher studies in the UK and fulfil their academic aspirations.

Edugraph: Hi, Steven. You have been a successful marketer. What precisely is the job of a marketer?

Steven Keane: The role of a seller or marketer has been transformed and impacted hugely by consumer behaviour. It is no more restricted to product-centric tactics. For a marketer, the most vital question is to find out if merchandise could deliver what it promises and resolve any current issues in the marketplace.

EdugraphWhat did you learn from the MSc course in Marketing that you have undertaken from the Manchester Business School under the University of Manchester? What was the structure?

Steven Keane: The curriculum was comprehensive and covered a gamut of subjects including research in marketing to promotions and advertising campaigns. The curriculum also consisted of international markets. Overall the whole experience of learning at the University of Manchester was rigorous.  

There were individual and group projects which were undertaken by me for which I took assistance from academic writing services. These projects were stimulating and presented an international picture where culture played a vital role in business. 

Edugraph: How did the whole journey of studying in the UK begin? What was the role of the British Council in your pursuit?

Steven Keane: After undertaking a few aptitude tests at Imperial College, London, I was recommended to go into the Science stream. Although science was an enjoyable stream it was never my cup of tea. As my penchant was Economics, I ended up pursuing Bachelor’s degree program in University of London.

At the conclusion of the program, I began searching for Marketing as m specialization in the MBA programs. Then I decided to attend an education fair arranged by the British Council. They got me attached to the educational representatives of leading UK colleges and that aided me to choose my university from among some proficient choices.

Edugraph: What amenities are offered to the students hailing from India at Manchester Business School? Are any scholarships obtainable from the business school or the British Council?

Steven Keane: Manchester Business School presents a plethora of facilities to foreign students looking to build their careers in business management. But for this, you’ll have to go through different alignment programmes, such as freshers’ week, where you’ll get the opportunity to interact with your peers and discuss your problems with others by joining the council. Other facilities include a 24*7 online chatbot, social fests and weekly dinners. 

Edugraph: Does the campus provide any internship courses? Did you embark on any such program?

Mihir Chandan: I don’t think that there are internship programs offered directly by the university. But you can do part-time jobs instead.

Edugraph: Can you give us more details about the university campus? How convenient is it for an Indian learner to adapt with the British culture?

Steven Keane: In my point of view it’s vital to choose a city when you’re looking to learn overseas. There are many university towns in the UK where Indian students feel at ease. The best thing about UK-based universities is that they always make foreign students feel comfortable. Get in touch with your peers and seniors before you select your destination.

Edugraph: You acquired a post-study work visa (PSW Visa) after finishing your higher education in the UK. What, in your view, is the best way to get this visa and what are its benefits?

Steven Keane: PSW Visa is a wonderful means for global students as it facilitates them to live in the UK and work full time. 

Edugraph: Other than being a seller, you’re also a musician. How do you juggle between your passion and profession?

Steven Keane: At present, I am balancing marketing and music. I went to the UK with the objective of learning more about marketing management. When undertaking my M.Sc. in marketing, I did my proposal on Apple’s community marketing practice and its fandom for which I sought assistance from the experts of British Dissertation Help, the premium academic writing service. I am using the same public marketing tools for the company I am running i.e SS Moto Corp, which manufactures the finest bike components. Now I arrange events explicitly for those in our public.