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Dissertation Topics

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Media Dissertation Topics

120 Media Dissertation Topics Help Selected by professionals

Mass communication and media students who are pursuing higher studies and aspire to become high-paid journalists or media professionals must write a dissertation paper to earn their degree course certification. However, deciding on a suitable topic to write an authentic thesis becomes often an exasperating task for the students. For this reason, we at the British Dissertation Help website offer dissertation topics help from experienced academic writers. They are devoted to assisting students in writing outstanding papers to secure wished grades in their Media courses. Before we see some of the Media Disser

tation Topics, here are some keywords you can consider for developing your own set of topics:

  • Multimedia
  • Privacy
  • Social Media
  • Censorship
  • Film media
  • Cultural studies
  • Propaganda
  • False news
  • Insomnia
  • Media ethics
  • Popular media
  • Decentralised Media
  • communication

120 Media Dissertation Topics Ideas to use in 2022

Let us Explore 120 Dissertation Topics for Media Studies which can be used as a building block for your unique topic or as it is.

General Media Dissertation Topics

  • 1. Media and how it is a vehicle of propaganda and censorship
  • 2. Importance of Media Psychology for effective communication
  • 3. How video games are evolving as a new media format
  • 4. Freedom of speech and media controversies
  • 5. Communication: A closer look into the key dimensions
  • 6. Media: A review of the famous cultures 
  • 7. Fan-fiction and the nature of fandom in media
  • 8. A comparative study on the Mass communication legislations in various countries
  • 9. Media and how it handles post-truth events
  • 10. Media and its impact on neutralising terrorism worldwide
  • 11. The History of Advertising and how media helps modern businesses to flourish through ads
  • 12. A closer look into Global journalism in 2022
  • 13. Transformation of media during wars: A retrospective analysis
  • 14. Unique media resources and their importance in academic research
  • 15. Radio: How it became popular and why it is still relevant
  • 16. Disney: A media company or an entertainment myth?
  • 17. The roles and responsibilities of reporters in the war fields
  • 18. Media and its role in propagating Education
  • 19. Media ethics: A comprehensive review and study 
  • 20. Single bloggers and how they affect the revenue of big media houses
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Dissertation Topics on Social Media

  • 21. How scientific journalism became popular
  • 22. Media censorship of controversial topics and how it regulates the public opinion
  • 23. Stereotyping and the effects of social media
  • 24. Viral content in Social media: The nature, background and prospect
  • 25. Social media services: A qualitative analysis
  • 26. Popular Social media companies and their court hearings: A case study
  • 27. Social media bots and their effects on the human psyche
  • 28. How media helps propel hidden messages through the entertainment industry
  • 29. Popular media and its impact on collective money
  • 30. An elaborate history of Social Media
  • 31. Proprietorship and the problems with copyrighted content
  • 32. Decentralisation: The future of Social media or a mere hope?
  • 33. Sleep disturbance and the role of Social media
  • 34. Emotional damages caused by social media and the possible remedies
  • 35. Privacy in the age of the internet: Why one should quit traditional centralised social media platforms
  • 36. Reliability of social media for news and research information
  • 37. How social media helps in political polarisation
  • 38. Modern technology and how it transformed the popular media
  • 39. A study on reviews: How media responds to events and designs them
  • 40. An investigation into the relationship between politics and social media

Complex Media Dissertation Topics Help for Thesis writing

  • 41. Hype: How media companies use hype as a tool of revenue
  • 42. Activism: How social media is transforming the way people protest
  • 43. Effectiveness of PR campaigns in social media
  • 44. Top three marketing mechanisms used in Social media: An in-depth analysis
  • 45. Environmental impact of digital media and what are the restoratives
  • 46. The application of conventional Social Media Marketing (SMM) algorithm

Media Dissertation Topics Ideas on Free speech

  • 47. Limitations of the freedom of expression in China
  • 48. Indian media and the practice of freedom of expression: A case study into Free speech in the Indian subcontinent
  • 49. Freedom of speech and how it determines the status of security of a State
  • 50. Internet censorship vs Free of speech: Threats and mechanisms to bypass censorship
  • 51. Speech limitations in Europe and US: A comparative study
  • 52. Assessing the real-life threats of freedom of speech 
  • 53. Significance of Nuclear information in Freedom of Expression
  • 54. Freedom of Expression and military privacy: A case study
  • 55. Obscenity in popular media and the status of freedom of expression

Trending Dissertation Media Topics on Media Censorship

  • 56. Breaking news and the reliability of media houses: An investigation
  • 57. How media influences Individual privacy
  • 58. Media terrorism in Iraq: A case study
  • 59. How YouTube is changing the way people consume content 
  • 60. Al-Jazeera and how it is encouraging extremism: A case study
  • 61. Censorship in Chinese movies: A detailed discussion
  • 62. The portrayal of Mass media in movies
  • 63. How media has a direct influence on increased violence 
  • 64. What are the factors behind movie censorship?
  • 65. Covid-19 pandemic and the responsibilities of mass media
  • 66. Discussion on the safety of a Media worker on the battlefield
  • 67. Effective measures for censoring movies in 2022
  • 68. A case study on the movie censorship in the US during WWII
  • 69. How media agencies get censored by the State government
  • 70. A comprehensive guide on media censorship in China

Dissertation Topics Ideas on Popular Media

  • 71. Chinese media and the Internet protocols followed by them
  • 72. News literacy and the role of effective media communication
  • 73. Eastern Europe and the status of Self-governance
  • 74. Communication psychology and its application in Media
  • 75. A case study on the license regulations in the US
  • 76. Weak media communication and its influence on Society
  • 77. Public sector and its relationship with media and communication
  • 78. Exploring the nature and scope of electronic media as a communication medium
  • 79. UK media agencies and a study on the social protocols followed by them
  • 80. Private sector communication and the influence of Popular media

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Media Dissertation Topics Ideas for Research

  • 81. A case study on the governance of cyber violence in Europe
  • 82. How new media resulted in a widespread cultural transformation across the US
  • 83. Twitter and the dynamics of the Trending topics
  • 84. Impacts of copyright legislation on mass media
  • 85. Social media and its influence on poor academic results of the teenagers
  • 86. Negative influences of Social media
  • 87. A comparative study on the difference between real-life and social media
  • 88. Rise of fake friends on social media and the increase of cyber violence
  • 89. Social media and its damaging effects on mental health
  • 90. Attention span: How digital media is accountable for the deteriorating attention span in the youth

Miscellaneous Media Dissertation Topics Ideas

  • 91. Sociology and Media: The relationship between these two disciplines
  • 92. How cultural study patterns can help in regulating the harmful effects of the media
  • 93. Globalisation and its influence in the new media system
  • 94. Negative influence of Film Media on teenagers of UK
  • 95. Radio jamming technology and its application in a criminal investigation
  • 96. How media can encourage cultural and ethnic diversity
  • 97. A case study of China’s censorship of Hong Kong news agencies
  • 98. Scope of innovation in the film media
  • 99. Exploring the femininity in movies and how it empowers the modern feminist movement
  • 100. Cultural study and Media courses and their definitive advantage in social development
  • 101. A closer look into the North Korean Film media
  • 102. The role of modern News agencies in the propagation of false information
  • 103. How tech giants unethically monitor consumer behaviour: A study of Facebook and Twitter
  • 104. Theory of sociology and the practices in Media
  • 105. The history of The International Telecommunication Union and its future
  • 106. A discussion on the highly significant sociological notions that shaped the modern mass media
  • 107. Journalism and rights to privacy: A case study of US
  • 108. How does philosophy relate to Media studies
  • 109. The rise of piracy and copyright infringement in the Digital Media
  • 110. Creative Commons license and how it can get used in the solving of Copyright infringement issues
  • 111. Virtual reality: A new trend of Metaverse and the reaction of the Media
  • 112. Stories: Exploring a new content format in the social media
  • 113. How social media hinders the communication potential of teenagers
  • 114. Invasive government policies and the status of an individual’s digital privacy
  • 115. Online news agencies and their responsibilities towards delivering factually sound news
  • 116. A retrospective study on Digital Multimedia and the advancement of technology
  • 117. Audio broadcasting and Video broadcasting: A comparative study
  • 118. GDPR: A study into the effectiveness of data protection acts and how they influence journalism
  • 119. Media downshifting: How people are going back to traditional newspaper
  • 120. Journalism ethics and the case study of Princess Diana
Final Thoughts

This section denotes the end of the complete list of 120 top media dissertation topics help to start writing an excellent dissertation thesis. If you require help for the entire piece of writing your Media dissertation, ask help from us at the British Dissertation Help website and get an instant response. 
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