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History Dissertation Topics

100 Excellent history dissertation topics help & ideas

Writing a dissertation is quite a challenging job. If you are a student of history, then you will find several topics in several sectors of the subject. But, choosing an imperfect dissertation topic might get you into trouble. So, here we are lending you a hand to suggest 100 excellent history dissertation helpWe hope the following lists will help you to choose a perfect dissertation topic for obtaining a good score in your higher studies.
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history dissertation topics help ideas on the ancient period

Check out the list of History dissertation topics based on the ancient period.

1.    Analysis of the ancient civilizations on the Maya empire

2.    The ancient world and the roles of women and gender relation

3.    Old Testament and ancient thoughts of near Eastern

4.    Pre-columbian America: The great civilization of the Inca empire

5.    Ancient Arab: the impact of Mongol invasion

6.    Ancient Greece and the role of poets and the places of the poetries

7.    History of Mesopotamia civilization

8.    History of ancient Greek Olympics

9.    Analysis of the violence and the warfare of the ancient times

10.    Analysis of the Plutarch’s Vision on the Alexander the Great

11.    Analysis of the dissolution of the Roman empire

12.    Analysis of the impact of geographical elements on the ancient culture

13.    Analysis on effect and cause of art in the ancient classical society

14.    The archaeological site of Chichen Itza

15.    Importance of Egyptian pyramids in the society of Egypt

16. The evaluation of the stone age period and its evaluation

History Dissertation Topics Ideas on Medieval period

17. Analysis of the cultural exchanges of the medieval period

18. Cultural transformation of Rome during the middle age

19. The impression of feudalism and manorialism and its development during the middle ages

20. Black death during the 14th century and the role of Catholic Church

21. The status of Muslims and Jews

22. A critical analysis on London during Rome

23. The reasons for the First Crusade: 1095- 1099

24. The Renaissance era of the twelfth century, the way of reaction of the Franciscans toward it and its benefits.

25. The British ideal of the Orderly world: The empire and business

26. The issues with late medieval period demographic crisis and controversies: Black death

27. Middle age lifestyle and the role of the church

28. Medieval India and the position of Hindu and Islamic women

29. The reason behind the failure of Crusade

30. The influence of renaissance cultural, economical and political resources

31. The reasons behind calling the dark ages the golden ages of European history

32. The Theological and historical context of the Iconoclasm of Byzantine

33. Comprehensive analysis on Medieval Convivencia

Modern History Dissertation Topics Ideas

34. The impact of enlightenment in society and the global culture: World history

35. 19th Century History of nationalism

36. The influence behind the power of Mussolini and the Fascists in Italy

37. The relation between Renaissance paintings and their symbolism

38. The impact of the industrial revolution on Western Civilizations

39. The enlightenment and conservatism and its connection with principles of liberalism

40. A brief analysis on the reason behind the Cuban revolution

41. The historical influence of Abraham Lincoln

42. The importance of women during the Spanish Civil War

43. The colonization and conquest of America by the European nations

44. The French revolution and its Trajectory & origin

45. The movement of the Russian working class

46. 1960s segregation

47. The evaluation of patriarchy and feminism

48. The impact of the great depression on Fiscal policy and monetary policies
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history dissertation topics help based on cold war

49. The impact of the cold war in shaping the transatlantic relationship from 1945 to 1970

50. The USSR and the United States and their showdown

51. The cause and effect of the Cuban Missile crisis

52. The foreign policy of United States during the cold war

53. The impact of the cold war on the US relationship with Latin America

54. The importance of Berlin during the cold war

55. The role of Japan during the cold war

56. The political and cultural environment during the cold war

57. The impact of cold war propaganda in the film industry

58. The challenges of post-cold war

history dissertation topics help ideas on Geographical Regions

If you are talking about the history assignment help topic ideas on geographical regions then you will find different sectors. The following section will provide the topic lists of history dissertations which will be based on different geographical sectors.

History Dissertation Topics Ideas on European history dissertation

59. The period of European discovery

60. A comprehensive analysis on the British colonization and its impact

61. World war II and the nationalism

62. The World war I and its effect on the industrial revolution

63. The reason behind rising and fall of Napoleon Bonapart and analyze the reason for the revolution

64. The Nazi propaganda of Hitler: A comprehensive analysis

65. The evolutionary aspects of IRA

66. The Napoleon tactics and strategy in the invasion of Russia

67. The impact of gender role in the industrial revolution

68. The witchcraft in European society of 1450 to 1750

Topics on American history dissertation

69. A brief analysis on the migration of the United States and its impact on the economy

70. The relation among Native Americans and Settlers

71. The reason behind the American civil war

72. The post-civil war economic, financial and trading reconstruction

73. The key reasons behind the reason and the consequences of the Spanish-American War

Topics on Indian History dissertation

74. The Indian freedom movement against British colonization

75. The leadership approach of Mahatma Gandhi

76. The political squabble in India during XVII century

77. Impact of first world war in British ruled India

78. The origin and the course of Indian revolt during 1857

79. The women role in India in Hinduism and Buddhism

80. A brief discussion on the impact of the British East India Company on the British colonization

81. A brief analysis on Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilization

82. Issues with the partition in India in 1947

History Dissertation Topics Ideas on African history dissertation

83. A comparison between the ancient societies in African and Mesopotamia

84. African political environment between 1985 to 1989

85. The “freedom in Africa” the leadership approach of Nelson Mandela

86. The West Africa and cult of dead: the people of Kongo

87. A brief analysis on South West Africa during and the colonial War

88. The African paradox on Colonialism, Slavery and Christianity

89. The African communities in America

90. The African trading sector and the impact of slavery and slave

The dissertation topics on art performance

91. The contribution of Willliam Shakespeare in Contemporary Theater

92. The historical evaluation in Ballet

The dissertation topics on Visual arts

93. The classicism and middle age comparison

94. The Mona Lisa painting and its ambiguity

95. western art and orientalism

96. The history and the comparison between classical art and cubism

97. The compare and comparison between postmodern art and modern art

98. The religious architecture and Filippo Brunelleschi

99. The European paintings and sculpture and the society

100. The American culture and the photographic approaches of Robert Frank and Garry Winogrand

Concluding words

The above mentioned were the list of 100 history dissertation topics that you can analyze in your research paper. If you find any issues while writing a dissertation paper, then feel free to dial our number. Our professionals will guide you to complete your research paper.
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