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Dissertation Topics

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Health and Social Care Dissertation Topics

100 Health and Social Care Dissertation Topics Help suggested by professionals

Health and Social care students pursuing higher studies must write a dissertation paper to earn their degree course certificate. Nonetheless, selecting an appropriate topic to write an authentic thesis becomes often a daunting task for the students. For this reason, we at the British Dissertation Help website offer Health and Social Care Dissertation topics help from experienced academic writers. They are devoted to helping students write an outstanding thesis to secure desired grades in their health and social care courses. Before we see some of the Health and Social Care dissertation topics help, here are some keywords you can consider for designing your own set of topics:

  • Right to Health
  • Drug abuse
  • Mental and physical Disparity
  • Ageism
  • Substance abuse
  • Social Services
  • Inequality
  • Poverty
  • Social Justice
  • Child-abuse
  • Violence
  • Domestic violence
  • Youth problems
  • Health policies for immigrants

A comprehensive list of 100 Health and Social Care Dissertation Topics Ideas to use in 2022

Health and Social Care Dissertation General Topics

1. How the larger society can contribute to the health-care of the people from marginal sections and lower-strata

2. Roles and responsibilities of a nurse in identifying the different health-related issues from different classes of people in the society and devising precaution measures

3. Defining ideal nursing ethics in delivering the best Health and Social Care towards the people of the society

4. Why social care is a vital part of the nursing profession: A in-depth study

5. Nature, Scope and Opportunities of part-time working in orphanage-homes and old-age homes for nursing

6. The necessity of making the adoption laws uncomplicated to ensure societal interest in the care of orphan children

7. How social care can enhance the quality of services in the health sector

8. Factors that hinder the efficacy of healthcare services towards needy people in the old-age-homes

9. Role of a nurse in providing health facilities to underprivileged people free of any monetary cost

10. A case study of the developing nations: How social care helped in improving the scenario for health-related-death

11. The impact of social care or social support on the life of a patient suffering from chronic depression.

12. Why health-related skills should be a primary requirement for the people of society

13. How society becomes the most predominant factor in propelling depression among people of different age groups
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Health and Social Care Dissertation Topics Ideas for Thesis

14. A case study of the financial sustainability of Health and Social care system of ageing UK

15. How technology influences modern social life across different generations

16. Effective measures to Reduce Recidivism in Substance abuse patients: An in-depth study

17. A case study of successful intervention methods to reduce Recidivism after Substance Abuse rehabilitation

18. Evaluating the Health Care services to the immigrant labour force in UAE: A case study

19. Effect of socio-economic inequalities upon the immigrant children’s development in the UAE

20. Finding relation between Religion, Self-actualisation and death anxiety in the young generation

21. Investigating the dangers and finding effective prevention strategies of youth violence: A case study of violence in UK’s youth

22. Recommendations on designing specialised social care services to reintegrate military veterans into the social fabric

23. The influence of gender inequality on teenage girls from conservative societies.

24. Factors that drive domestic violence against women in the 21st Century: A Case Study of UK

25. Examining the normalisation of domestic violence against women and assessing the threats in terms of social and psychological development

26. A closer look into the prescription tendency of doctors in any locality: Which factors influence prescription trend

27. Ethical practices in Pharmaceutical Marketing and how to achieve that with a framework

28. Physiological benefits of Visual exposure to Greenary and how it impacts the behaviour of a person

29. Employee well-being: How greenery can be the best approach to Workplace environment design

30. How the absence of Local Health and Safety Standards affect the Safety management system in an underdeveloped Country

Health and Social Care Dissertation Topics Ideas for Research

31. Benefits of Creative play for disabled children in terms of social, intellectual, emotional and physical development

32. Literature review of teaching methods related to social skills for children with Autism and Asperger’s

33. Why Personality disorders thrive in unpleasant living conditions: Finding a Relation

34. How depression became a global health concern: A retrospective study onto the most prevalent onsets of depression in the UK

35. Depression and how it became a social stigma: A case study into public perceptions

36. Documentation of incidents where life after a serious physical impairment reflected a positive social identity

37. Social inequalities in the UK and their effects on the Public Health

38. Social Policy Changes in the UK and how they account for the transformation of Public health policies

39. Charitable Foundations and how they can provide rudimentary Health Services: The case study of Pakistan

40. A study into the reformation of the Chinese pension system

41. Why underdeveloped countries have a greater risk of exposure to environmental threats: A study into the social patterns

42. How e-commerce based learning disability service can be a viable option for providing easy access to Social care services

43. Health and Social Care: What are the ethical challenges and recommendations to overcome them

44. Methodological limitations related to the preliminary research of physically and mentally challenged people

45. Social Sciences research from an Epistemological point-of-view

46. How maltreatment of Children lead to Childhood trauma and gives fuel to Youth violence

47. Bullying Prevention Strategies for Children with Disabilities

48. Why is there an alarming rate of violence against Children with Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD

49. Racial and Ethnic Discrimination and its impact on the growth of a Child: A case study of US as a heterogeneous society

50. Child neglect: A comprehensiv
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Miscellaneous Health and Social Care Dissertation Topics Help

51. The drawbacks of Gun control laws and how they lead to tragic accidents in US schools

52. Euthanasia from a moral point of view: A sin or relief for sick patients

53. What should be the permitted age of drinking alcohol worldwide? 

54. Health insurance debt on middle-class parents and how it is influencing their social attitude

55. A case study of the Khan Academy and the role of Free Health Education in Society 

56. The nature and scope of polygamy in the western society

57. How the legalisation of prostitution boosts the economy

58. Lethal injection: A painless method of death or an immeasurable cruelty

59. Varying views on Abortion: A relative study on religious and medical opinions

60. How adoption by gay couples can affect the proper physical, emotional and social development of a Child

61. Organ donation: A medical necessity but is it correct in the moral compass

62. A discussion on the legalisation of prostitution and its effects on the population of a country

63. The taboo of Gay marriage in modern society why it is being legalised in some western states: A thorough investigation

64. Pornography: Obscenity or a form of art

65. Freedom of expression and the aggressive response in the media

66. The elemental human right to medical treatment and how health insurance is making it expensive

67. Obligatory army service: The history and reasons behind this practice

68. Detection strategies of child abuse and taking strict actions for the welfare of the society

69. Are rehab programs for criminals effective?

70. The case study of positive discrimination on moral grounds 

71. A closer look into how positive discrimination helps minorities to avail themselves economic help

72. The controversial punishment mode of marital rape: Why only punishment for the violence is not enough

73. Medical benefits and disadvantages of organ donation

74. Legalisation of marijuana: Why it is a desirable topic in the modern western society

75. How rehab programs help integrate criminals into the society

76. Universal basic income: What are the limitations and how to overcome them

77. How Digital Data protection laws are changing the way giant tech companies collect user data collection

78. Usage of Generic medicine in the US and how it can become a viable alternative to the expensive medical system

79. Legalisation of Prostitution: Does it improve the status of sex workers in the society

80. Child pornography: Why it is still legal in some African countries

81. How discrimination is shaping the modern American society

82. Same-sex relationship in the light of social care

83. A case study into childhood poverty and its psychological effects on a child

84. How community development enables social inclusion

85. Social attitudes towards Gun permissions in the US States

86. Psychological and emotional impacts of immature parents on adult children

87. Addressing and evaluating child abuse in foster care

88. Understanding the emotional elements of Child abuse: A psychological burden to the society

89. Cognitive behavioural therapy in foster care and how it can change lives

90. A comprehensive study into the effects of Trauma and discovering possible remedies

91. An investigation into the Harmful effects of Adolescent delinquency

92. A closer look into the failure of the American rehabilitation system

93. Discrimination based on Gender in correctional centres: Truth or Perception

94. Structural racism inside the welfare system of America: A study

95. ADHD: Investigating the myths associated and discovering alternative treatments

96. Examining codependency as a component of displacement

97. Expecting mothers and the effects of prepartum depression

98. The role of Interdependency and codependency in the society

99. Home emotional unavailability and how it promotes codependency directly and undirectly

100. Social workers and how they can control the substance abuse

Final Thoughts

If you have reached this far, you probably enjoyed this exhaustive list of 100 top Health and Social Care Dissertation Topics Ideas to begin writing an excellent dissertation thesis. If you feel the need for further help to complete your Health and Social Care dissertation before the deadline, ask for support from us at the British Dissertation Help website and get a prompt reply.
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