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Food and Nutrition Dissertation Topics

100 Most relevant Food and Nutrition Dissertation Topics Help

Students studying Nutrition Sciences who aspire for higher studies must compose a dissertation paper to earn their grade certificate. But generally, determining an appropriate topic to write a genuine thesis becomes often a challenge for the students in this field. For this reason, we at the British Dissertation Help website offer Food and Nutrition Dissertation topics help from professional academic writers. They are devoted to helping students write stellar papers to ensure stellar grades in their food and nutrition course. Before we see some of the Food and Nutrition Dissertation Topics Ideas, here are some keywords you can consider for formulating your own collection of topics:

  • Child nutrition
  • Nutrition for cancer patients
  • Nutrition for HIV patients
  • African countries and malnutrition
  • Maternal health
  • Food labels
  • Food programs
  • Ketogenic diet
  • Vegan diet
  • Vegetarianism
  • Plant-based food
  • Intermittent fasting

Comprehensive List of 100 Food and Nutrition Dissertation Topics Ideas to use in 2022

Food and Nutrition General Topics

  • 1. How to incorporate the requirement of nutrition practices in public schools
  • 2. An investigation into self-management programs for Diabetic patients in countries where there are few possibilities of public health policies
  • 3. A comprehensive study of the rapid methods to determine body composition in athletes and obese people
  • 4. How encouraging healthy eating and physical exercise can disrupt the tendency of obesity in times of global pandemic
  • 5. How home-cooked meals can promote health for the family members
  • 6. How stress in public university students is giving rise to caffeine consumption
  • 7. A study of the exposure intervention method to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables in the elderly
  • 8. Fruit and vegetable intake in older adults: An assessment of the efficacy of the Pilot nutrition and healthy grandfather program
  • 9. An analysis of the pediatric diet of a cancer survivor to understand the necessities of nutrition in critical patients
  • 10. How a healthy relationship between the farmers and the consumers of fruits and vegetables promote public health
  • 11. Effective strategies to include nutritious foods rich in phytochemicals in the school lunch menus based on nutrition science
  • 12. A comparative study on the health indicators: BMI, waist circumference and how they relate to weight loss
  • 13. Diabetes education and the role of cooperative extension in self-care routines
  • 14. Understanding the body composition of football players and investigating the effects of training and nutrition for optimum athletic performance
  • 15. Evaluating the nutrition in preschool children in urban regions of the developing countries
  • 16. How food safety can influence the growth of children in a community and the prominent factors that determine the quality of food: A comprehensive study
  • 17. A study on Nutrient deregulation and consumption of fruit and vegetables in collegiate football players
  • 18. The effects of dietary intake in rural children and how it relates to the home food environment
  • 19. A study on the necessity of appropriate Nursing habits and the know-how of the health factors of college students
  • 20. A case study of students who consume organic food to promote good health and a cleaner environment
  • 21. Nature, Scope and Assessment of the Chilean dietary guidelines and the challenges of the Hispanic community

Food and Nutrition Dissertation Topics Help for Thesis

  • 22. Discussing benefits and impediments about studying abroad for international students of Dietetic nutrition
  • 23. How food addiction influences the relationship between emotional brain formation, stress and nutrition
  • 24. Initiation of breastfeeding: Important factors in mother’s nutrition
  • 25. A formative research on promoting healthy food: How homemade food is an integral part of a healthy eating program
  • 26. Why gestational diabetes patients have low fidelity to educational programs: An investigation
  • 27. Relationship between shopping behaviour in farmers and the intake rate of fruits and vegetables
  • 28. Psychological effects of eating disorders in first world countries and how it affects athletic performance
  • 29. Weight loss maintenance: How intuitive eating can help and impulsive eating can be a barrier 
  • 30. A study on weight loss and its association with physical activity and cortisol level in a randomised clinical trial
  • 31. Food purchase habits and their association with the diet
  • 32. The performance of athletes and the benefits of having nutrition education about diet and body composition
  • 33. A qualitative analysis of diets of the university-level athletes
  • 34. Designing an optimal feeding program for athletes
  • 35. Effect of diet on body aesthetics of bodybuilders: A case study into the corporal composition
  • 36. A quality check of a gluten-free diet for the cure of Celiac disease
  • 37. A study on fining operative adult food diet based on feeding behaviour for low-income families
  • 38. How nutrition has a significant effect on a restaurant’s menu
  • 39. A comparative study of the perceptions and public knowledge about an optimal school feeding program across cultures in the world
  • 40. A case study of Chile for having a trend of breast cancer among women
  • 41. Food pathogens and the effect of natural antimicrobial phenolic compounds against them
  • 42. What are the best practices by nutrition students to apply the knowledge of dietetics
  • 43. Role and responsibility of the electronic media for spreading nutritional education for individual citizens
  • 44. A comprehensive study on the perception, knowledge and popular beliefs about whole grains and how it shapes the attitude of the people in the urban areas
  • 45. Labeling menu in food products and how it is a standard marker for nutritional information among Health professionals and consumers: A case study
  • 46. Public housing and the problems of chronic health issues in people: An investigation
  • 47. Assessing the effectiveness of the Healthy Monday campaign on the health of elementary school students
  • 48. Weightloss and how it is related to consumption of weed, cigarettes and smoking in general
  • 49. A comparative study on the rising of Veganism and its difference with vegetarianism in the UK
  • 50. How weight loss programs help transform the physical attributes of an individual: Assessment of the impact of week 16 behaviour
  • 51. An investigation of the quality of diet in a low-income household: A characterisation of diet quality in developing nations
  • 52. The relation between body mass index and eating behaviour among young adults and how it impacts the overall physical and emotional well being of an individual
  • 53. Perception about environmental pollutants and their hazards on health and nutrition: A qualitative study on improving risk communicators

Miscellaneous Food and Nutrition Dissertation Topics Ideas

  • 54. A review on the correct usage and application of nutritional screen tools for the elderly citizen
  • 55. School welfare policies to improve the nutrition in the children: An investigation into the efficacy
  • 56. How children with neuro-developmental disorders can benefit from the intake of medications and nutrients
  • 57. A case study of Los Angeles women suffering from nutritional problems
  • 58. Establishing a relationship between food insecurity, food stamps and perceived diet in school children 
  • 59. A illustrative study into the diet practices among obese people and the workout regime for overweight individuals who enrol in university weight loss programs
  • 60. The Law of healthy children: How it can produce better results without necessary modifications in the phytochemical content of school lunch
  • 61. The importance of nutritional science and educating the students to promote the identification of phytochemical-rich foods
  • 62. Challenges and barriers in operating an effective rural nutrition education program in the post-pandemic time
  • 63. Overweightedness and obesity factors: Difference of factors based on regions in the US
  • 64. How parental awareness about the nutrition of autistic children influence the overall health status of the child
  • 65. A comparative study on the quantity of nutrients in food of home school children and public school children
  • 66. A comprehensive review of various food fears
  • 67. Assessing the nature of nutrigenomics and its future scopes
  • 68. The benefits of eating more plant-based foods
  • 69. An introduction into the emerging science of digestive wellness
  • 70. Role of technological advances in the promotion of healthy and clean eating
  • 71. How fad diets influence the digestive wellbeing and overall health
  • 72. Assessing the policy recommendation on the cost of type 2 diabetes and its impacts 
  • 73. Maternal and Child nutrition and the importance of the first three years 
  • 74. Assessing the benefits and the limitations of image-based dietary assessment
  • 75. A case study of the popularised ketogenic diets: Understanding the concept and the application
  • 76. HIV and the concept of special nutritional restrictions for the patient
  • 77. Unhealthy packed lunches in schools: Why it should be banned immediately
  • 78. Understanding the concept of intermittent fasting and its health benefits
  • 79. Time-restricted eating and fasting: How it can help in detoxifying the body
  • 80. Nutrition as hard food science: A comprehensive review
  • 81. Dietary choices and its impact on dietary intake among the rural teens: A literature review
  • 82. A comparative study of the nutritional health status of young adults in the UK and US
  • 83. Analysing the socioeconomic and nutritional value of healthy eating programs in primary schools
  • 84. Food and its effect on the mental health: A study on cognitive psychology and its relation with nutrition
  • 85. Community initiatives towards nutrition and the health benefits of food-based approach: An investigation
  • 86. Diet and mental health: Finding the relation through available data 
  • 87. Dealing with malnutrition in African Nations: How adopting modular food systems can be a viable solution
  • 88. The impact of poverty in developing Asian nations and how it contributes to food insecurity among the people
  • 89. How people with chronic illness can benefit from the dietary guidelines for optimum health and wellbeing
  • 90. Diverse Food systems: How it can augment human health and immune system
  • 91. Responsibility of the Government in the developing nations to promote health and wellbeing in the country
  • 92. How food safety education can get spread in the rural areas of India: Investigating effective techniques
  • 93. Diet control method in the diabetes self-management program and qualitative analysis on its efficacy
  • 94. Diets recommended by Dieticians and Physicians: Understanding the differences and similarities
  • 95. Assessing the food legislations in the light of the interests of the large corporate firms
  • 96. Commercial soy phytoestrogen supplements and their impacts on public health
  • 97. Food labels and nutritional information. Why it is crucial to read and what level of education is needed to understand the labels: An examination
  • 98. Zinc supplements and their effervescent health effects
  • 99. On eating garlic reducing the risk of cancer: Perception or reality?
  • 100. Top-class restaurants and the quality of products: A qualitative assessment
Final words

Here we conclude 100 relevant Food and Nutrition Dissertation Topics Help so that you can start composing an outstanding dissertation thesis. If you need expert help for the entire dissertation project starting from topic selection to proofreading, opt for our premium Food and Nutrition dissertation topics Ideas without further delay. Visit us at the British Dissertation Help website and connect with us to receive an instant response. You can avail yourself of the opportunity of unlimited reviews and edits on your dissertation project for absolutely free of cost if you book your dissertation with us.