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How to get the best resources for dissertation writing and research

It is essential that you have the appropriate resources on hand before commencing the enormous process of writing your dissertation.

Typically, by the time the full project is finished, you will need more than 120 sources. The majority of your references should be active and from the past three years.

If you want to get the best grade on your dissertation, you must do extensive research. You must be aware of the several sites to hunt for dissertation resources when conducting your study to give yourself the best chances.

Following are few places where you can get the best resources for conducting research, for your dissertation writing :

  1. Libraries: The library is a classic place to gather knowledge where a student may find a tonne of books on the subject and the regions that are pertinent to it, but most students neglect to use it. In addition to using the university library, students can use the public library or a library run by their local council to find dissertation resources. These libraries allow you to create a membership card and borrow materials. You can locate a wealth of resources for your dissertation writing by using libraries as search resources for your dissertation.
  2. Both print and online journals : The usage of journal articles is essential when preparing a dissertation.

While some are printed quarterly, monthly, or weekly, others are generated online. You can check out and take home old issues of several print journals from your university library. Many are accessible to students without payment, and you can download them in PDF format to utilise them throughout your dissertation.

  • Dissertation work that has already been completed: Researching dissertation work that has already been completed by students is a fantastic approach to get ideas early on in the writing process. In the college library, you can find a solid dissertation produced by former students. These can be quite beneficial since they give you a solid example of how to write a dissertation paper and give you a clear understanding of the Dos and Don’ts when writing a dissertation.

Additionally, you may see exactly what kind of work your professor and examiner expect from you.

  • Databases : Databases allow access to a variety of books, journals, and other primary sources and are accessible via your library website. Databases that specialise in particular topics are a great place to start learning about what’s available to you. Popular databases include Westlaw, JSTOR, and Credo Reference.
  • Bookstores : Another excellent source of knowledge for dissertation writing is a bookstore. You can discover a wealth of resources that you may not have seen before whether you go to a major chain of booksellers like Crossword or one little eccentric bookshop. Even though the internet is a reliable source, bookshops are still important. If you continue with the bookshop, you could learn anything.
  • Audio- Visual mediums : Audio-visual content is extremely valuable, especially in creative topic areas. Your dissertation will have a rich array of sources, such as movies, television shows, radio interviews, podcasts, and musical compositions. Combining these with textual sources will provide you a solid framework and solid proof of extensive study that exceeds expectations.
  • Questionnaire: If your dissertation question calls for information gathering from a group of people or calls for a standard comparison between numerous people, the questionnaire is an important additional method of information gathering.

The questionnaire works best when you need to compare two groups of people or assess specific parameters for a group of people.

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