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Books that you should read to increase your memory power

A profession in law necessitates many hours spent researching cases. This may sound tedious, but one must immerse himself in legal research in order to determine a case’s black and white. There are no short cuts in law, and even a smart attorney needs years of experience to develop their wits.

Aspiring lawyers favour specialising in criminal or civil law because of well-known case law. However, among those who want to practise law, specialisations including corporate, family, litigation, cyber, and patent law are becoming more and more popular.

No matter which field of Law you choose to study, you will have to submit dissertations, that will carry marks that will end up being added to your final total marks. It can be very difficult to complete dissertations on law and legal issues in the allotted period. In order to curate the content with in-depth expertise, the student needs to have a thorough comprehension of the subject and a significant amount of time. They will therefore require the assistance of a knowledgeable and dependable Law Dissertation Help.

Just like Law, History is another vast subject, that needs dedication and meticulous hard work. The study of history is the past. Learning about the social sciences and humanities would also be part of this course. Studies are also conducted on historical occurrences, customs, cultures, languages, art, and many other topics. History is a very broad field of study that includes many distinct disciplines, such as art history, ancient history, culture, economics, military, social, and world history.

Just like any other subject, students pursuing a degree in History will too have to submit assignments; the marks obtained in which, can make or break a career.

Writing history dissertations requires consideration of a variety of factors. It involves more than just responding to the questions. The information must be entered accurately, and the students must adhere to university policies. The majority of students avoid writing history dissertations because they find the subject dull. When deadlines are approaching, stress levels rise. The duties’ importance is understood by the students. You won’t want to turn in a project that isn’t up to par. Therefore, getting professional History Dissertation Help is crucial.

Now, it is evident that both these subjects of Law and History, require vast knowledge in their respective fields. Knowledge is something that is always something they can be availed from the outside from books or from the internet, but the memory to retain this knowledge is something that is internal.

Discover strategies that will enhance your entire brain health through memory exercises, brain training, and much more by checking out the top memory development books listed below :

  1. How to Learn Almost Anything in 48 Hours –  Tansel Ali.
  2. Unlimited Memory – Kevin Horsley.
  3. How We Learn – Benedict Carey.
  4. Learning How to Learn – Jerry Lucas.
  5. Mind Mapping – Kam Knight
  6. The Memory Book – Harry Lorayne, Jerry Lucas.
  7. Power Foods for the Brain – Neal D. Barnard.
  8. How to Develop a Perfect Memory – Dominic O’Brien
  9. How to Remember Anything – Dean Vaughn
  10. You Can Have an Amazing Memory – Dominic O’Brien
  11. Remember, Remember – Ed Cooke.
  12. Memory 2nd Edition – Alan Baddeley, Michael W. Eysenck, Michael C. Anderson
  13. Boost Your Brain – Majid Fotuhi.
  14. The Brain Fog Fix – Dr. Mike Dow.
  15.  Memory – Harry Lorayne
  16. Memory Rescue – Daniel G. Amen.
  17.  Memory – Ryan James
  18. Super Memory – Super Student –  Harry Lorayne.
  19. Searching For Memory – Daniel L. Schacter.
  20. Memory Improvement – Ron White.
  21. How to Remember Names and Faces the Easy Way – Ron White
  22. Make It Stick – Peter Brown, Henry Roediger, Mark McDaniel.
  23. How to Pass Exams – Dominic O’Brien.
  24. Moonwalking with Einstein – Joshua Foer.
  25. Memory Tips & Tricks – Calistoga Press.
  26. A Mind for Numbers – Barbara Oakley.
  27. The Memory Illusion – Dr. Julia Shaw.
  28. Your Memory – Kenneth L. Higbee, Ph.D.

Whether you are pursuing a degree in Law or History, the above mentioned books will help you  boost your memory, and retain, at any given time,  the vast amounts of knowledge that you will have gathered in the course of pursuing your degree.

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Anyways, hope the above-mentioned book list could be of some help to you.