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100 Superb Drama Dissertation Topics that will Surely Boost Your Grade

Drama can be demarcated as a play and visual spectacle for TV, transistor, or auditorium. It is also a popular genre of studies for literature students. Having its source in ancient Athens, drama advanced during the 6th Century BC as enabled through performances that were directed to pour tribute to the god Dionysus. However, not just from the creative perspective the drama has tremendous social relevance too. Technological progress similarly has a profound effect on this literary genre. Drama dissertation topics transform and it is vital for you to zero in one which gives you the opportunity to get the resources to search for information and delve deeper.

Drama Dissertation Topics Related to its Origin and Ancient Sources

  1. The examination of social topics and issues in the theatre
  2. Impact of renaissance on drama
  3. The contribution of spectacle in modern theatre
  4. How modern musical theatre has undergone a revolution: Rodgers and Hammerstein
  5. Dionysus and tracing the origin and growth of theatre
  6. The poetics of a transcultural version in the course of guiding the play Razor in the Flesh by Plinio Marcos (1967) 
  7. Highlighting the history of spectacle over the years?
  8. Development of drama in the Harlem renaissance
  9. Establishing the link between classical mythology and tragedy
  10. Editions of theatre to cinema
  11. An investigation on how Shakespeare has enriched drama
  12. A review on acting plays on the stage and screen: Discussing the intricate elements
  13. Performance skills of stage actors: A critical analysis
  14. Representation of family values in drama
  15. Delving deep into how expression plays a key role in acting on stage
  16. Establishing the link between Music and theatre
  17. Kinds of stages and drama productions
  18. An exploration on Greek Tragedy
  19. How Greek tragedy has changed the face of drama? A review
  20. An in-depth analysis into role play in group therapy
  21. Evolution of European drama
  22. Illustration of civil disobedience through Three Theban plays:
  23. Terminologies used in drama revolving around the holocaust
  24. An assessment of Radio drama as a medium of popular culture and entertainment before the pre-television age
  25. An exploration of inventiveness and countenance in ancient and modern drama
  26. Drama in fundamental learning: Exploring rational, sentiment and moving skills
  27. An evaluation of drama and the expansion of imagination
  28. The knack of directing drama: Breathing life to stories
  29. African American expression and Blaxploitation: 
  30. The social stigma associated with Elizabethan actors
  31. Discussing drama and the mind of self-confidence
  32. Creativity in drama: An in-depth analysis
  33. Importance of set design in drama through the ages
  34. Ways to create a team for drama
  35. Drama and the facilitation of leadership
  36. From music corridor to assortment evenings: Popular drama act center of days passed over the years
  37. How television and digital media have evolved drama? An in-depth analysis
  38. An exploration of trauma and modern horror in drama
  39. A comparative study on different stylistic approaches in drаmаtіс translation.
  40. A comparative study on the chief aspects of a nаrrаtіоn and a trаnѕlаtіоn of the dіаlоguе
  41. An exploration of playing multiple characters in the drama
  42. A critical investigation of the unconventional protagonists in the plays of the twentieth century 
  43. An exploration of actor’s role in developing new genres of drama
  44. A comparative study of set design in ancient and modern drama
  45. Role of Broadway in drama: An evaluation
  46. Chinese drama and its influence: An in-depth analysis

Drama Dissertation Topics Related to enhancing trans curricular learning opportunities

  1. Fоuсаult space thеаtrе and wоrkѕhорѕ conducted in рrіmаrу ѕсhооls 
  2. Amateur groups in drama and music according to the Dаnіѕh insights of an English trаdіtіоn
  3. Lіtеrаturе fоrm оf асtіоn: A method of drama that highlights real-life stories to the audiences
  4. Should playwrights be held responsible for aggression that their finished products kindle?
  5. An examination of the work of Dorothy Heathcote pertinent to drama as a medium of learning
  6. A study on expression in drama
  7. A study on the importance of war themes in drama
  8. How can presenting outdated theatre such as Shakespeare reflect modern political concerns?

Drama dissertation topics pertinent to the technology

  1. An analysis of the concept of neo-burlesque in negotiating exoticism
  2. Delving deep into the role of software for creating interface metaphors and interactive dramaturgy
  3. How intermedial technology has empowered audiences?
  4. A review of Systems-Based knowledge of Devised Theatre           
  5. Effects of collaboration in the performances of artists in drama
  6. The progress of Latin American play in the UK: An in-depth analysis
  7. Impact of impressive technology on the audience of drama
  8. How virtual reality has transformed the face of drama?
  9. Is action generated by computers in drama is the future of theatre? An assessment
  10. Drama as a tonic to people suffering from learning disabilities: A discussion
  11. How does drama contribute to the development of imagination? An analysis
  12. Modern theatre impact in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange  
  13. Tennessee Williams and his contribution to the contemporary theatre: An in-depth analysis
  14. Effect of 3D in drama: A study

Drama dissertation topics revolving around gender and race

  1. Does the modern-day drama adhere to developments in the present directions of social movements?
  2. Has gender and race-neutral casting in drama is emerging as a worthy topic of debate? An in-depth analysis
  3. A review on what level does modern theatre goes on to challenge gender and racial typecasts
  4. An analysis on a reworking of theatre performance in an age driven by media
  5. The impact that drama has over the culture of youth: An assessment
  6. Empowerment of the role of women in drama: An evolution 
  7. The social stigma associated with Elizabethan performances on stage
  8. The Examination of Nathan Hale: Minimalism and the falsifying of a country
  9. The actor’s use of the prosodic constituents of speech to convey lucidity and determined on-stage performance 

Drama dissertation topics that secure the highest grades

  1. An investigation into the training curriculum for actors looking to transform from theatre acting to film acting
  2. An exploration into bridging the dissonance between actor and character
  3. The application of playback theatre in figuring individual and dominant discourses between adolescents
  4. A study on exploring the ways to enhance expression of intent and sentiment in actors
  5. Performing gender: using drama-in-education to discover gender individuality in the grade 10 life skills curriculum 
  6. Effective preparation and development of a theatre festival 
  7. Dramatization of rhyme as an approach in anger controlling course for teenage girls 
  8. Is society still depicted in contemporary drama? 
  9. The advent of technology in drama and the ways it has advanced and transformed it.
  10. Does contemporary drama preserve the skill to surprise, or has become dull with the new issues? A detailed analysis.
  11. An examination of street theatre and its influence on theatre for the persons.
  12. Is the digital version of drama gaining popularity? An exhaustive study
  13. A comparative study between Intended and perceived emotions in a ‘Dance-based’ Physical Drama Performance
  14. Expansionary engagements: Analysing Butterworth’s didactic-democratic spectrum model in the choreography of drama
  15. An analysis of the creation of the make-belief world in the drama
  16. Exploring the concept of Masked Drama
  17. Improvisation and creativity of artists in plays and drama: A study
  18. An investigation to different genres of radio genre
  19. A comparative study of Two Characters and Two Characters from Two Different Plays Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky and Camus’s novel
  20. A study on the evolution of dramatical and theatrical techniques.
  21. The Wizard of Oz: Contemporary influences
  22. Operetta and emotion: An evaluation of Sweeney Todd
  23. Establishing the link between homosexuality and theatre

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