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100 Fabulous Biology Dissertation Topics Suggested by Experts for Students

Biology is a branch of natural science dealing with life and its evolution. It also revolves around flora and fauna. There are numerous programs devoted to the subject being offered at the bachelor, master and PhD/ doctorate levels from the best universities and institutions. If you’re a postgraduate or master’s degree student, then writing a dissertation will be a mandatory part of your academic assignments. You can neither underestimate nor neglect it because your degree depends on it. When writing the paper, the first thing you need to do is find a suitable topic with which can carry out relevant research. We have come up with 100 superb biology dissertation topics as recommended by the experts.

Dissertation Topics

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Biology Dissertation Topics based on current trends and demand

  1. An in-depth investigation on safeguarding those species of flora and fauna that are on the brink of extinction with the help of science
  2. An exploration of the most resourceful ways to deal with various kinds of viruses
  3. A study on different ways DNA have an impact on our behaviour and way of living
  4. An assessment on the ways to improve our resistance power in the safest way
  5. How intimidating could the extermination of a single species precariously harm the whole bio-chain?
  6. Is it possible to prevent the damage of current unsafe development caused by global warming?
  7. What are the impacts of genes and hormones on the progression of human evolution?
  8. An exploration of the main immuno-diseases that directly cause us diseases
  9. A review on the factors accountable for the increasing cases of tuberculosis 
  10. The United Kingdom records the highest cases of asthma worldwide – exploring main immunopathogenic sources and their scientific implications
  11. Diabetes and cardiac diseases- can the metabolic disorders and other symptoms predict them?
  12. An evaluation on the prospect of clinical pharmacology
  13. Discuss the extensive reach and influence of the Indian ‘Ayurveda’ to effectively heal even the most acute diseases
  14. Are human transmissible antibiotic-resistant bacteria used to generate agents against microorganisms for veterinary medications?
  15. An in-depth analysis of the main causes behind colorectal cancer and ways to identify them
  16. Prepare a hypothesis based on the population genetics of a human pathogen
  17. An exploration of common reasons triggering acute obstructive pulmonary disease in humans
  18. An investigation into the purposes of functional genomics and sequence analysis
  19. An exploration into the role of apoptosis in lymphoma cells and cancer?
  20. What are the chances of survival of the B-cell lymphoma with the use of profiling at the molecular level?
  21. Are genetic mutations providing the solution for the patients in the arena of cancer treatment?
  22. Can the combination therapy be amalgamated with the stem cells to provide a pathway as treatment for patients suffering from specific cancer types? A survey
  23. Is nanotechnology the basis or groundwork for understanding the functions of the cells at the molecular level?
  24. A study into the science of cloning
  25. How does parental nutrition influence the general wellness of the children?
  26. The link between Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and the reasons for sterility in women
  27. Will the use of the Nanofibres help in the domain of biomedical investigation? An in-depth analysis
  28. Can the use of photon detectors efficiently offer solutions to the questions related to space science? A survey
  29. Exploring the reasons that affect the growth rate of hypothyroidism in women?
  30. How inhaling nanoparticles can increase the level of toxicity on the body. A thorough examination
  31. Can the T-helper cells turn out to be more effective when compared to cytotoxic T cells?
  32. A study on the interpretation and significance of phylogenetic studies
  33. How physiotherapy can be used for treating animals?
  34. Ways obesity can trigger many diseases in humans: A study
  35. Does nanotechnology impose a severe threat to the well-being and the environment? An examination
  36. A study on stats in the UK conducted by the National External Quality Assessment Scheme demonstrates the technical features of the prognostic indicators for the breast cancer cases
  37. How do you screen for detecting the ailments with the assistance of Microarray technology? A survey
  38. An exploration of the reasons that influence the attenuation of immunity-related to old age?
  39. A critical analysis on the latest advancements and developments in the field of cervix pathology
  40. Exploring the occurrence of the equine polysaccharide storage myopathy: A metabolic disease leading to a build-up of high muscle glycogen and anomalous polysaccharide in skeletal muscles
  41. An in-depth study on the designing and structuring of drugs with the use of information technology
  42. Can the use of nanotechnology in the arena of genome research raise the bar of health?
  43. A review on the integrated system for biological network application
  44. An investigation on the idea of Dynamic self-assembly of catalogued nanotubes and nanofabrication by DNA
  45. Effect of pregnancy on hormonal changes
  46. Research on abortion and how it affects the female body
  47. An assessment of the latest techniques in the domain of neuroscience and medical technology
  48. An examination of Fatty Acid Oxidation in Malignant Glioma
  49. Proportional Transcriptome Analysis Exposed Transcriptome Regulators related to Muscle Growth and Development
  50. How Alteration in Mass of a Cell is brought about by solute concentration? A detailed analysis
  51. Investigation and research on Biological Uniqueness by using Aquatic Invertebrates
  52. An exploration of the nanoparticles and how does it help in curing particular kinds of tumours in humans
  53. Why there is a vital necessity to interpret and deal with the sexual wellness of youths? An in-depth study? A review
  54. How do you elucidate the DNA alterations in humans? An analytical study.
  55. How did the Human Genome Project turn out to be extremely effective?
  56. Ways mistakes committed by humans are intervening with the pollination of the birds. A detailed survey
  57. What are the main challenges defied by the present spread of the rainforest?
  58. An in-depth analysis on the use of behavioural pharmacology as an interdisciplinary field for the development of drugs
  59. An exploration of the latest practice procedures and pharmacology related to diverse classes of antidepressants.
  60. A survey on the biophosphonates that can offer assistance to women suffering from metastatic or stage 4 breast cancer
  61. An examination into clinical pharmacology and its application in drugs that offers resilience against HIV
  62. An investigation into how human development is impacted by hormones and genes
  63. An analysis of the list of viruses and sicknesses transmitted by birds
  64. A review on safeguarding flora and fauna species from extermination
  65. Is the extinction of single species is intimidating for the whole life on the planet? A detailed report
  66. Establishing the link between human behaviour and ecology
  67. The link between renewable resources of energy and pollution in the environment
  68. An assessment of the evolution of humans on the planet.
  69. How AIDS is linked with a deficiency in immunity and the reasons it is not curable?

Biology dissertation topics related to diseases and rehabilitation

  1. A study on advanced Methodology for Proliferation of spermatogonial stem cells
  2. Is biopsy an integral part of the identification of fibroadenoma?
  3. An examination of the strategies that augment the risk factor management in a post-stroke disorder
  4. Analysing the hazardous pathogens that are sourced due to failed scientific experiments
  5. Do the increasing environmental issues result in more cases of cancers in humans? An exhaustive study.
  6. A review into the whole process of photosynthesis
  7. An investigation into the impact of fertilizers on plants and ways it benefits them
  8. An assessment of the threats and challenges of global warming on the planet
  9. What policies and approaches can be established to shield nature?
  10. The link between renewable resources and environmental pollution.
  11. Elucidation on the benefits of organic farming

Biology dissertation topics dealing with botany

  1. A study on Angiosperms plants and how they reproduce sexually
  2. What is the role of Sporogonia?
  3. A comparative study on Xylem and Phloem and the theories concerning them.
  4. An exploration of the differences between Gymnosperms and Angiosperms.
  5. Describe the structure and composition of the food oxidation process in Plants.
  6. A study on different diseases that affect plants and botany.
  7. Importance of plants that offers resistance to pests and have evolved with the help of biotechnology.

Biology dissertation topics revolving around zoology

  1. An evaluation of the steps taken to safeguard marine life
  2. Explain the growing stages from Porifera to Arthropoda.
  3. Why starfish does not belong to the family of fishes: An in-depth analysis
  4. Devising strategies to protect coral reefs in oceans?
  5. Describe the composition of the circulatory system of the reptiles’ hearts.
  6. A comparative study of excretion system of aves and mammals  
  7. Role of Glycolysis in the oxidation of food
  8. An exploration of the ways insects spread diseases in humans
Biology dissertation topics concerned to living organisms
  1. A study on ways to cope with the fungus and adverse effects that fungus produce on people and plants
  2. Functions of pathogens and parasites for decreasing the biochemical demand of contaminated water.
  3. Do microorganisms play an important role in the fixation of nitrogen? An examination
  4. The implication of microbes in biotechnology for acting as agent or carrier of massage to host in recombinant DNA technology.
  5. List of valuable microbes and damaging microbes for humanity

Use these unique and relevant 100 biology dissertation topics to explore effective solutions and present stimulating facts. If you’re confused about how and where to start and lack the skills to draft the paper from scratch, our subject matter experts are there for you to solve the problem. Hire us and accomplish the best grades in no time.