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Master Dissertation Examples

Writing a dissertation is considered one of the most essential tasks for completing a master’s degree. Perfect dissertation writing helps lead a student one step forward to the career goal. Overviewing some dissertation examples will be beneficial for you. The master dissertation help team of the British dissertation help group is presenting some master dissertation examples that will help you to complete your dissertation writing conveniently. Go through the following section to know more details on it.

Know what dissertation is

A dissertation is a piece of academic writing that is conducted by the PhD students. Sometimes, undergraduate educational programming is also required to develop a dissertation paper. A dissertation paper is a piece of concise research paper that requires you to analyze lots of existing theories, moreover, you can also establish new theories on the concerning topic while conducting a dissertation paper. However, while developing a dissertation paper you will get the chance of conducting independent research. Writing a dissertation helps the students to conduct a perfect research method.

Appropriate Structure of Writing a Dissertation

The following section will provide an example of developing a perfect dissertation structure. Take a look into the following section to gain the proper knowledge on structuring your dissertation.

Title page

The title is one of the major weapons that can trigger the attention of the readers. So, you must choose a perfect dissertation title that can gather the attention of your university teachers. A perfect dissertation title will enhance the quality of your content.


This is an optional section, this section will give you the space for thanking everyone who supported you in conducting the entire dissertation paper. You can mention the name of participants and supervisors or the friends and family members who have helped you to develop the entire research paper.


You must have to add the abstract section to your dissertation paper. This will help you to provide a summary of your dissertation. You must write the abstract section after completing the entire dissertation paper. But, put this section at the beginning of the dissertation paper. Writing strong abstract writing is sufficient enough to gather the attention of the readers. If you require support to complete your abstract writing, then you must contact the master dissertation help team will provide you support to complete your

Table of Contents

The table of content must be included with the chapters and sections that you have utilized in your dissertation. The number of pages will also be provided in the table of the content section of a dissertation. Therefore, it will help the reader to overview all the structure of the dissertation and will also help the readers to navigate the document. Be careful, if you have included all the chapters and the sections of your dissertation in the table of content or not.

List of figures and list of tables

This section will help the readers to find out the figures and tables that you have utilized in the entire article. You must remember to itemize all the tables and figures while maintaining a numbered list.

List of abbreviations

Provide a list of abbreviations if you have utilized too many abbreviations in your dissertation. Maintain an alphabetical order while developing the list of abbreviations.


Provide a glossary list if you have utilized some specialized terms in your dissertation. This glossary section will help the readers to make a proper understanding of the words.


The introduction section helps to introduce the dissertation paper. You will need to provide the aims and objectives of the research paper in the introduction section of the dissertation. You will need to maintain simple language while writing the introduction section of the dissertation paper.

Literature review

This is considered one of the most essential parts of dissertation writing. The literature review section will be included with the opinion of different authors from several journals. This section will provide an argumentative perspective of the entire research paper. Therefore, it will provide a convenient perspective of the research.


The methodology section will provide a detailed description of the methods that you have utilized for conducting the entire research paper.

Findings analysis

The findings and analysis section will provide the outcome of the entire research paper. You will need to explain all the data that you gathered throughout the entire research procedure in the concerning section. Provide a concise explaining approach in developing the finding and analysis section of the dissertation paper.


You must provide some recommendations in the conclusion section of your dissertation. The recommendation will be based on the knowledge that you have gathered through the entire research topic. These recommendations will help future researchers to make progress in their research aspects on the related study.

Reference list

Provide the list of references that you have utilized for conducting the entire research paper. The name of the authors must be included in the reference section of the dissertation. You must maintain the required reference style for completing the list of references. Maintain the alphabetical order to develop the list of references. You can also add the links to the journals in the reference list section of the dissertation paper.


The appendices section must be included with the relevant images that will help to describe the factors that are associated with the research. This also helps people to understand several aspects of the research paper.

Some examples of dissertation topics

The following section will provide a list of dissertation topics that will help you to score good grades in your higher studies.

·    Analyze the best and most effective business strategies that will help a business organization for integrating the global stock markets

·    Make a comprehensive analysis on the link between academic success and self-esteem

·    Make an experiment on the teaching strategies that can be noticed in a novice teacher and an experienced teacher

·    Analyze the impact of the Mongol Invasion in the Ancient Arab civilization·    Analyze the factors that are associated with the effect of microfinancing on the financial aspects of a developing country: Make a real-life case study analysis