1.     A disgruntled employee of your major competitor mails top‑secret information or new product samples to you. Do you begin to do a dance on your desktop or do you immediately mail the information back to your competitor? What would you do?

a.       Throw the plans or secrets away.

b.      Send them to your research department for analysis.

c.      Notify your competitor about what is going on.

d.      Call the Police.

 2.     You are the general manager of a regional chemical company. In the course of producing your bulk chemicals, large amounts of particles and smoke are emitted through your plant’s smokestack. The level of pollutants is below current European regulations, and you are violating no laws, but neighborhood groups are complaining about minor health problems caused by the smoke. After investigating numerous alternatives, you find the most effective solution would be to install a “scrubber” system, which will remove 90% of the pollutants and ash. Cost: £1 million. Do you install the system?

 3.     You are a general manager in a cosmetics firm. The results of a study show that your major brand could cause skin cancer. What do you do?

 4.     You have the opportunity to offer a job to a friend who really needs it. Although you believe that the friend could perform adequately, there are more qualified applicants. What would you do?

 5.     You are the American vice president of a beer company in an American state that sets the legal drinking age at 21. Your boss asks you to organize a lobbying effort to have the drinking age reduced to 18. What would you do?

 6.     Because of a loophole in Government laws you find that you could legally pay your workers less than the minimum wage. The cost savings you recommend may mean your getting a choice promotion. What would you do?

 7.     You are an accountant in a large firm. Your boss tells you to use a controversial accounting practice, which will make the company’s profits seem higher. She tells you it is only to impress stockholders and will not be used in statements submitted to the Tax office. What would you do?

8.      You are required to fire a worker for persistent absenteeism, but you know that her absence is because she is caring for her father who is in the advanced stage of Alzheimer’s disease. You feel that the organization is being inhumane in its attitude, but your boss remains insistent. What would you do?

 9.     A worker is repeatedly late for work. You know she has family problems and is going through a difficult period with an alcoholic husband. Her work is inconsistent—sometimes average, often excellent. She has been with the company for nine years. On Monday she was two hours late for work. What would you do?

10.    You believe that your (male) boss is overly friendly with a (female) member of your staff and that she is taking advantage of the situation. What would you do?

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