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Mental Health Dissertation Topics

Mental health dissertation topics ideas to simplify dissertation writing

We have a selection of unique mental health dissertation topics ideas and suggestions to help you complete your mental health dissertation paper swiftly. The intriguing topics will be your saviour for the day. So, hang on with us and check out the topics that can help you achieve good grades and an impressive reputation. 

Mental Health Dissertation Topics help on Suicide and self-harm

Yes, handling this topic can be massively distressing. But to be precise this one is a pretty investigated and most surveyed area of study.

  1. How can you measure the suicidal intent among those mental patients who survive overdoses? 
  2. Self-harm is a woe of society, how can you understand the mental condition of young adults who actively engage in self-harm. Prove a qualitative investigation report. 
  3. Systematically establish the relationship between increased internet use and suicidal tendency among young people. 
  4. Can suicide be prevented? If yes, explain how: A qualitative research.
  5. Provide a detailed study on the causes of suicide and the steps that can be taken to prevent it. 
  6. Explain the family-related factors that trigger suicides and self-harm. 
  7. An overview on suicidal intent. 
  8. Define the suicidal and non-suicidal behaviour among young and older adults with examples. 
  9. The suicidal tendency among patients residing in the psychiatry units. 
  10.  What are the several truths about self-harm that need to be known? 
  11.  What is the neurobiology behind suicidal thoughts? 
  12.  Discuss the mental stress that is generated due to breast cancer and is it strong enough to lead someone to commit suicide?

The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the lives of people all over the globe. Let us look at a few topics: 

  1.  How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected the mental health of people belonging to different age groups? 
  2.  How has psychological resilience developed during the time of the Pandemic? Qualitative research. 
  3.  How has the pandemic affected the mental peace and stability of families and children? A complete overview. 
  4.  Effects of the global pandemic on people with psychiatric issues. 
  5.  Has the pandemic accelerated the number of suicide attempts all across the globe? Critical analysis. 
  6.  The global pandemic is going on for more than a year now. What can people do to take care of their mental well being during the pandemic? 
  7.  How did the Pandemic affect the mental well being of the people residing in the UK and Ireland? 
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Mental Health Dissertation Topics Help Depression and anxiety

  1.  How can cyberbullying trigger depression? A critical overview.
  2.  How can a person survive depression? Provide a comprehensive study on the same.
  3.  Is there the existence of a modified Stroop effect in PTSD? A critical study.
  4.  Relationship between low self-esteem and depression or anxiety. Provide a meta-analysis of the longitudinal studies.
  5.  Describe the magnitude of emotional distress in infertile women and how can it lead to depression? Provide a meta-analysis of the prospective psychosocial studies.
  6.  Post-partum depression and its long-term effects on a women’s physical and mental health.
  7.  Provide a study on the mindfulness-based reduction of stress and the associated health benefits: Meta-analysis.
  8.  How can physical activity and regular exercise or yoga be a viable treatment for anxiety disorders and depression?
  9.  A systematic review and meta-analysis of burnout, depression, and anxiety.
  10.  Can prenatal and post-partum depression, affect the fathers? How can it be associated with maternal depression? Provide a meta-analysis on the same.
  11.  Define the effects of depression and anxiety in patients who have inflammatory bowel disease: Provide a systematic review.
  12.  How “big personality traits be linked with anxiety, depression, and substance use disorders? A meta-analysis on the same.
  13.  What are the effects of transgenerational transmission and the holocaust?
  14.  How can anxiety and depression be connected to autoimmune thyroiditis? Provide a systematic review and meta-analysis.
  15.  How does depression look like in men and women? Define the differences.

Mental Health Dissertation Topics Ideas on Physical health and Mental Health 

  1.  How are mental health and physical health co-related? Explain with proper insights.
  2.  If mental health gets disrupted, what will be the implications on physical health? Explain
  3.  A qualitative assessment of coping with uncertainty amongst women at risk of familial breast cancer.
Studying different types of phobias 
  1.  Provide a detailed analysis of at least 10 types of phobias that can hamper the mental stability of an individual.
  2.  Is Agarophobia real? Why is it a problem? Explain with qualitative research.
  3.  Homophobia, a woe of society. Explain why?
  4.  How do the different kinds of phobia develop?
  5.  ‘Coming out’ amongst Muslim lesbian teenagers: a qualitative assessment of the additional mental stresses that faith imposes upon Muslim lesbian teenagers and what does it take to come to terms with their sexuality within their culture?

Psychiatric ailments 

  1.  Provide a diagnostic and statistical manual of several mental disorders.
  2.  A detailed analysis of the Paranoid Personality disorder.
  3.  How can pathological narcissism destroy families as well as an individual?
  4.  Eating disorder is a menace. Explain with proper research.
  5.  Analyze the current best practice relating to the safeguarding of the vulnerable and ensuring safety against inappropriate sexual behaviour amongst people with learning disabilities who take shelter within residential care facilities.
  6.  Shed light on eating and personality disorders.
  7.  Cause and prevention of OCD.

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Mental Health Dissertation Topics Help Social media and mental stability 

  1.  Define the role of media in triggering aggression against the mentally challenged. 
  2.  How has the several social media platforms hampered the mental well being of young children? 
  3.  Why should parents refrain from letting their children use social media from a very young age? 
  4.  Social media friendships are actually bad for mental health?
  5.  Social and psychological impacts of virtual networks.  

Miscellaneous Mental Health Dissertation Topics Ideas related to mental health 

  1.  How can breakups affect men and women differently?
  2.  How are mental health and emotional attachment related to each other? 
  3.  Why is it that women are more sensitive to mental ailments than men? Provide a comparative analysis. 
  4.  Define the role of parents in ensuring the mental well-being of their children. 
  5.  A critical study of the mental sanctity of soldiers who lead tough lives. 
  6.  Analyze how the contemporary media practices in the UK are triggering mental health problems?
  7.  How can television advertising affect the mental development of children in the UK?
  8.  Is it possible to bring about a positive change in the mental health organizations in China?
  9.  Talk in detail about the mental health conditions of the Syrian refugees who have been relocated to the UK. 
  10.   Deterioration in mental health conditions can make physical health suffer. Explore the several angularities of this claim. 
  11.  Describe the mental healthcare management conditions of the inmates living in the prisons of the UK. 
  12.  How has unemployment affected the mental well-being of people all over the UK and Ireland? 
  13.  The contemporary practical management approach to treating personality disorders
  14.  What are the problems that affect the problem-solving ability of a person?
  15.  Define the role of colour psychology in cognitive development studies?
  16.  Establish a relationship between prosaical behaviour and personality?
  17.  What are the psychological effects that couples go through just after a miscarriage? Is it strong enough to push someone into severe depression? 
  18.  Why do attractive people tend to exercise power and control in workplace? 
  19.  How can homelessness affect the mental health of individuals without a home? 
  20.  What is the relationship between working memory and attention? 
  21.  How can television impact physical and mental health? How is it related to obesity? 
  22.  How can laughter impact your mental and physical health?
  23.  The implication of dreams on social life. 
  24.  What is the meaning of violent dreams in one’s life? 
  25.  Critically analyze the first signs of ADHD among children and adults.
  26.  Outline the mental and physical effects of marijuana use among healthy adults
  27.  What can be the degree of change that can happen to personality in a person? 
  28.  How does intelligence influence cold-blooded crimes?
  29.  Is schizophrenia multi-dimensional? Explain why? 
  30.  Analyze the role of anxiety in hyperalgesia.
  31.  Discuss the stress responses in victims of sexual abuse.
  32.  Juvenile murderers: Point out the factors that affect areas with high rates of murders committed by children.
  33.  Investigate if homosexuality is a psychological disorder
  34.  How is self-esteem related to academic success? 
  35.  Explore cognitive-behavioural theory. 
  36.  Define the difference between clinical and abnormal psychology. 
  37.  How does a sleeping disorder affect a sportsman’s stamina?
  38.  Explore the significance of sports psychology and how does it promote mental health?
  39.  Explore the term Mood Freezing and elaborate its effects.
  40.  Explain the effects of video games and violent music on the mental stability of a child and his behaviour. 
  41.  Define introvert personality. What are the consequences? 
  42.  Explore the psychological, ethical, and legal aspects of adoption.
  43.  Explore the outcomes of a self-centred mother and a child’s mental health.
  44.  Why does society tend to ignore domestic violence inflicted on men?
  45.  Discuss mental health and psychological resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  46. How can the mental status be improved among the inmates of a prisoner?

Conclusion So, we are here to inspire you with 100 selected topics related to mental health dissertation topics ideas. Want more? We will give you more. Drop a mail to [email protected].
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