Bestjet- Case study A & B


Organisational Effectiveness :

=>What are the important 7S factors, or linkages between them, that create a source of competitive advantage for the organisation of your choice/BestJet? Can they be copied?

=> Are all the 7S factors aligned?

=> What 7S changes may need to be made over the next two to three years?

Ø=> Summarise the most significant issues arising from the above analysis and assess the extent to which the problems can be resolved.    


Internationalisation ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ factors

Focussing upon your chosen business

=> Push: Those changes taking place within the domestic market which motivate movement into international markets (often negative factors)

=> Pull: Those changes taking place within the international market which motivate expansion into those markets (often positive factors)

Focussing upon your chosen business

=> What are some current ‘push’(positive) and ‘pull’ (negative) factors for the business expanding internationally?

=> What different types of ‘modes of entry’ (routes to market) does / could your chosen company use (and why)?