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Finance Dissertation Topics

100 Finance Dissertation Topics Ideas to Choose from in 2022

Finance students pursuing higher studies must write a dissertation paper to earn their degree course certificate. However, choosing a suitable topic to pen an original thesis becomes often a problem for the Students. This is why, we at the British Dissertation Help website, extend finance dissertation help from professional academic writers dedicated to helping students write stellar papers to secure desired grades in their finance course. Before we see some of the Finance Dissertation Topics, here are some broad categories, you can consider for formulating your own set of topics:
  1. Privatisation
  2. Risk Management
  3. Capital Investment
  4. Financial Planning
  5. Financial Management
  6. Finance Portfolios
  7. CSR
  8. Financial Crisis
  9. Banking Industry
  10. Share Prices
  11. Microfinance
  12. Corporate Strategy
  13. Investment Banking
  14. Global Finance

Here are some more Keywords to create your own Finance Dissertation topics Help.

  1. Angel investors
  2. Foreign direct investment
  3. Hedge fund
  4. Digital Banking
  5. Crowdfunding
  6. Venture Capitalism
  7. Microfinance
  8. Initial public offering (IPO)
  9. Invoice financing
  10. Cash flow lending

100 Financial Dissertation Topic Ideas

1. eBanking and risks associated with online digital money transaction

2. Convenience and Challenges of Internet Banking for the Youth and the Senior Citizens

3. Security Challenges and Best practices for online banking transactions

4. Analysis of the stability of Fintechs in the future

5. Disruption brought by Digitisation in the banking sector

6. Methods to measure the stakes and returns in a crypto market

7. Reasons why traditional banks are opposing the digital cryptocurrency

8. Swing trade and the evaluation of cryptocurrencies as reliable assets

9. Challenges and Benefits of monitoring the crypto market using technical analysis

10. Discussion on the investment potential of altcoins amidst the dominance of Bitcoin in the crypto market

Topics for Dissertation on Retail and Commercial Banking

11. The growth of retail Banking in South Asia: A Case Study

12. How consumer demand shapes the strategies of SMEs in the US

13. Discussing the Inventory management systems for mobile banking

14. Relationship between price, equity, and performance in the banking industry

15. Change in operation strategies by European commercial banks

Finance Dissertation Topics Help on Risk Management

16. Assessment Liquidity risk management and how it can help cope with UK’s Financial Crisis

17. Importance of Foreign exchange risk management Within financial institutions

18. Evolution of credit risk management in the financial service institutions

19. How the financial industry can benefit from the cushions offered by IFR59 provisions

20. Nature and Scope of Risk management in the international financial bodies

Finance Dissertation Topics Ideas on Microfinance

21. Impact of microfinance on the Small and Medium Enterprise

22. Case study of South Asia as a promising growth region for microfinance

23. How is microfinance influencing the lives of independent women worldwide?

24. Contribution of microfinance in alleviating poverty in the Third world countries

25. Factors determining the economic growth and success of microfinance organisations

Dissertation Topics on Financial Audit

26. Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley Act on the Auditor-client association of United Kingdom

27. Discussion and Assessment of the role of auditors in financial reporting

28. Application of automation and RPA for audit in the financial service industry

29. BASEL rules and its contribution towards facilitating controls of financial institutions by improving liquidity

30. Role of auditors as risk managers and cost centres for financial institutions

Finance Dissertation topics on Ethics in Accounting and Auditing

31. The verbiage of rationality and the associated audit risk

32. Importance of accounting for improving brand image

33. The quandary of Ethics and profit in accounting

34. The necessity of teaching transfer pricing and tax evasion in finance

35. Nature and assessment of the independence an auditor has

36. The impact of Covid-19 on the Financial Industry

37. The post-pandemic ascent of NPAs in the Banking system

38. Post Covid-19 conservatism among businesses regarding forecasts

39. Discussion on Modified audit options in the financial industry post-Covid

40. Why a better insurance policy is required for the interest of financial corporations post-Covid?

Finance Dissertation Topics Ideas on Alternative Investment

41. A closer look into Hedge funds as an alternative investment prospect for institutional investors

42. Various types of investors in the private equity market

43. Assessing the Hedge funds as risk diversifiers and return enhancers

44. Study on Investment diversification through Alternative investment options

45. Reasons behind the evolution of mutual funds and their increased prevalence

Finance Dissertation Topics Help on Financing in Emerging Market

46. Investment opportunities in the emerging market and their impact on the attitude of the investors

47. Challenges and Advantages of a financial institution in an emerging economy

48. Relation between economic growth and population

49. Comparison of the FDI strategies in Asia and Europe

50. Investment banking and its scope in the emerging markets: An assessment

Topics on Financial Case studies

51. Case study of Hong Kong on the impact of firm attributes on the capital establishments

52. A case study on the influence of financial services on the low-income group in Malaysia

53. The Case Study of Nigeria: Contribution of foreign direct investment in boosting a country’s economic growth

54. Reason behind the financial crisis in Dubai’s real estate sector

55. Case study of the Americal venture capitalism 

56. Opportunities that foreign direct investment creates in UAE: A case study

Finance Dissertation Topics Ideas for Finance Dissertation:

57. Derivatives of hedging and how it can increase the worth of a firm

58. Assessing the profitability of domestic and foreign banks: A comparative Study

59. Assessment of financial assignment help Statements: A case study of MasterCard

60. Finding the relation between capital structure and corporate strategy

61. Challenges regarding the implementation of IFRS in the UK

62. How is the PATRIOT Act of the US impacting the international banking sector?

63. The scope and future prospects of mutual funds in emerging economies

64. The Advantages and Challenges of private equity investment in European Union: A case study

65. Opportunities and impediments associated with investing in the energy sector

66. A study on the cognitive moral development theory and its application to the behaviour of finance professionals

67. Potential of cryptocurrencies to demonetise the world economy: perception or reality?

68. The evolution of the real estate industry of China: A case study

69. Is the debt-trap policy of China a new form of the conventional Eco-terrorism policy?

70. How the IT industry shaped the future of the Financial industry

71. Study of the Applications of the multi-factor quadratic stochastic volatility model

72. Optimisation of the supply chain finance for augmented efficiency in the banking sector

73. Benefits and risks of Portfolio Optimisation in the light of United Kingdom

74. Nature, Scope and Assessment of the outcome of Management Audit

75. Role and responsibilities of FDI in the development of economy in the Third World Countries: The Case Study of Bangladesh

76. Factors influencing the capital structure and its relation to the Dividend policy

77. Portfolio Maximisation: The merits and Demerits

78. Investigation into the growth and challenges facilitated by FDI in Pakistan’s energy sector

79. How would the 2007 financial Crisis have been avoided? – A Study

80. A glimpse at the Banking profits from an ethical viewpoint

81. Impact of a no-deal Brexit on UK’s Financial Institutions

82. Accounting education programs of USA and UK: A comparative Study

83. Modern banking systems and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues

84. A comprehensive prediction of the next Global Financial crisis

85. The Scope and nature of relationship Banking: Why it is important

86. Reason behind the popularity of Index funds and Hedge funds

87. A case study on Brazil’s banking sector reform

88. Risk assessment regarding the mobile banking technology and strategies to bypass them

89. A review on Cost Accounting, Productivity and Information System

90. Recovery problems associated with the loan granting in commercial banks

Theoretical Finance Dissertation Topics Ideas

91. Effectiveness of the HJM model for calculating interest rates and credit

92. Ross recovery theorem and Stochastic Differential equations

93. Black-Scholes formula for Risk-neutral valuation

94. A study on counterparty credit risk

95. Applications of calculus in evolving financial models

Public Finance Topics for Dissertation

96. Impact of declining income on the Society

97. Developing countries and Debt Sustainability: A review

98. Roles and responsibilities of Financial Intermediaries

99. Impact of Tariff barriers on the Financial Growth of a country

100. An investigation into the public government projects that use private funds

Final Thoughts

Here we conclude the list of Finance Dissertation Topics to start composing a unique dissertation thesis. If you require finance assignment help for the entire part of writing your financial dissertation, seek help from us at the British Dissertation Help website.