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In another hand, the dissertation plays a significant role in representing their knowledge and skills in front of their university and impacting their overall academic score.

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What is an Economics Geography Dissertation?

Economics geography is a branch of study that focuses on economic activities and factors affecting human geography. It includes uneven development, global trading and investment, political economy, economic governance, financialisation, innovation studies, marketisation, the social and cultural drivers of economic and industrial change, etc. Economics geography dissertation is an in-depth research paper written by a student pursuing a doctorate in economics geography through conducting original research, collecting and analysing data, and presenting findings in a formal written document.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Economic geography is the study of the location, distribution, and spatial organisation of economic activities, such as the production, exchange, and consumption of goods and services, and how they are influenced by factors such as natural resources, transportation networks, government policies, and cultural factors.
Some common topics in economic geography dissertations include regional economic development, global economic integration and trade, urban and rural economic geography, industrial and technological change, innovation and entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability.
Research methods commonly used in economic geography dissertations include qualitative methods such as interviews, case studies, and ethnography, as well as quantitative methods such as regression analysis, spatial analysis, and GIS (geographic information systems) mapping.
Some important skills for students interested in pursuing a degree in economic geography include analytical and critical thinking, quantitative and qualitative research skills, written and oral communication skills, and an understanding of global economic trends and issues.